Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga California


generosity_logo_vert2GeneroCity is a social venture company that invites individuals, companies and organizations to gather, learn and collaborate on how best to contribute and invest their time, talent and resources to recognize healthy profits while creating true benefit for the greater good.

Our homes and Mayacamas Ranch are particularly unique in that they are located in a caldera— the crown of an ancient volcano. The setting is naturally designed to enable individuals and groups to slow down and rejuvenate in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

A land with a rich history

rainbow_editFor many centuries different Native American tribes would meet and gather in the hills above what is now Calistoga, California to trade their goods, share their wisdom, and heal their bodies and minds. The land was specifically chosen due to its ideal climate and legendary purifying and detoxifying qualities. Pure air sourced from ancient redwoods and mineral enhanced volcanic soil and spring water provided clarity, physical rejuvenation and an unmatched environment to work out the challenges facing their communities. Accordingly, it became a long-standing gathering place for wisdom, community and healing.

These tribes would frequently use the land for “potlatches”: ceremonies where tribal leaders and elders would celebrate the redistribution of their wealth. This practice created a society where the status of any given family was raised not by who had the most resources, but by who distributed the most resources.

GeneroCity Capital, LLC, owner of Mayacamas Ranch Homes located in the heart of these hills, is serving as a steward to cultivate this land once again back to its higher use. Through the creation of world-class workshops and programming under the guidance of renowned teachers.

A unique, inspirational community

As a member or guest of GeneroCity, an individual can look forward to becoming part of an accomplished and renowned community of philanthropic and eco-aware citizens that meet to share, create and implement projects that support worthy causes or a more sustainable world. GeneroCity Capital is the majority owner of San Francisco’s premier broadcast studios, providing a media delivery platform to ensure the beneficial harvest of GeneroCity is delivered worldwide.

The land, which will remain as un-touched as possible, will continue to serve as a healing platform for the members through the use of natural volcanic springs, hiking trails, outdoor meditation areas, yoga and healthful eating. The project design features organic gardens, permaculture landscaping, an eco-friendly spa, indoor/outdoor amphitheater, a full-service live broadcast media studio, panoramic dining pavilion, and a variety of guest lodging ranging from off-the-grid “green” yurts to sustainable residences designed by award-winning environmentally conscious architects.

Every decision on the design of GeneroCity has been made to service the Company’s intentions of creating an environment that: (I) increases the health and longevity of the land, (II) heals and nurtures its members, and (III) is conducive to the generation of sustainable altruistic projects and ideals that promote the concept and power of generosity to our people and planet.

Through its restorative retreat center, world-class workshops, significant media presence, and inspiring brand, the Founders believe they have positioned GeneroCity to become a nucleus for some of the world’s leading socially aware business men and women, philanthropists, artists, scientists, engineers and healers.

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If you want to become a member of our GeneroCity community, would like to help us affect change through mindful giving, have a media-related question, or want to participate in an upcoming event, please contact us at (415) 262-4222 or visit